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My name's Rosalyn.
I met my foster family as an expecting mother, and they helped me deliver 11 puppies and raise them until they were old enough to find homes of their own.  Now that's all over, I'm looking to find a great family of my own.  I'm about 4, I think, and full of energy.  I live with two adult humans, a dog, and a cat.  The dog and I get along famously, but sometimes I'm a jerk to the cat.  The cat doesn't seem to mind, but she's pretty savvy.  A less dog-acclimated cat might not do as well.
Activity:  My need for physical activity is mostly driven by my need for mental activity.  I love going for walks, but the distance is less important to me than the number of things I get to smell.  I can go for a 10 mile hike in the woods and be ready for more, but I'm also good with just going around a couple blocks if I can stop to smell the roses (and then pee on them).  If there's a polar vortex I'll gladly bundle up in a jacket and boots if you're up for it, but I can also get by with indoor brain games.  Having my food served in my toy box so I have to root around to find it all works well, for example.
Strangers:  I love meeting people, especially kids and women, but sometimes I'm not so sure about adult men.  I certainly open up to them, but it just takes a little longer.  I haven't gotten to meet many new dogs (thanks Covid) but I can be a bit of a handful when I see them out on walks, so I mostly practice being okay with not getting to meet them.
House or Apartment:  A house is probably best for me if I'm honest, unless the apartment has really thick walls.  I can be a little territorial and if the neighbor dogs are barking or I can see someone on the sidewalk I can't help but bark at them, whether I'm indoors or out.  I wouldn't want anyone to get in trouble for that.  My foster parents got me a bark collar that beeps at me, and vibrates if I keep it up which has helped me a lot, but that's more to help me remember my manners when I forget them than an all-the-time solution.  I'm not sure if this part of me will ever change.
Kennel:  I'm kennel trained and don't mind using it.  When my foster parents are gone I stay in my kennel calmly, even though the other dog is free to roam the house.  They're almost positive I'd be just fine being left to roam, but they figure it's good practice so why not?  I usually like sleeping in bed under the covers but sometimes choose my kennel instead, so any adopters could decide how they want to handle bedtimes.  I'm good with either.
Affection:  I'm a pretty typical Pittie in this regard, and by that I mean that I'm a PROFESSIONAL snuggler.  As much affection as you have to give I will graciously accept, and offer plenty of my own in return.  I do have one funny habit that any adopters should be aware of and that's that I smile with my teeth.  I guess it kind of looks like a snarl, but it's just me being excited.  My tail wags so hard it drags the rest of my body around with it, my lip(s) curl up and I get sneezy. This happens especially when someone gets home from work or running errands.  Also, it's easily distinguishable from an actual snarl because with those I'm completely still.   My foster parents say it takes a little getting used to but that it's also VERY endearing.
If all that sounds like the kind of dog you'd like to have in your life then fill out an application.  I can't wait to meet you!

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