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We’re going to get the awkward part of getting to know each other over with first, and talk about my genitals.

I came into rescue at 6 months old, after I was surrendered to a local animal control facility. I had broken my penis and my previous family couldn’t afford the surgery to fix it. A Rotta Love Plus sprung me from the shelter and took me in to meet the surgery team that very day. It was determined there was no saving ‘Little Joey’ and we parted ways. A guy’s still gotta pee though, so the surgeon performed a scrotal urethrostomy. This created an opening where my testicles were, routed my urethra through it, and now I officially pee like a girl. Unless you’re looking for it, it’s not very noticeable. I do need a little daily care down there. Nothing too fancy, just need you to wipe me a once or twice a day with a baby wipe. This helps prevent urinary tract infections (UTI). I’ve been doing well since the surgery, no infections to report! 

Interesting genitalia story out of the way, let’s talk about the other most important thing to know about me; I need someone to hold my paw for a minute or two when I am making a new friend. 

While I am absolutely in love with everyone I know, I can be a little uncomfortable with strangers that come on a bit too strong. I can walk down the street and be around people I don’t know just fine, they don't bother me at all, but if someone I am not familiar with comes right up to me and wants a hug? I’m out. I may let them know they’re creeping me out by barking or growling, as I try to back up and make more space between us. I've never tried to bite or snap at anyone, I try to make space when I'm uncomfortable. I do make new friends quite easily though, especially if food is involved. Once I’m familiar with someone, I’m totally down for snuggling, cuddling, playing, making out, you name it. I’m yours. Forever and always. But buy a guy a drink first or something, jeez.

The folks at ARLP will require that you and I do some private lessons with the trainer when you bring me home. It is included in my adoption fee. Don’t worry, I know all this stuff they’ll be teaching us already. I’ll help you out and we’ll ace this. I freaking love to learn and eat snacks. Might be my two favorite things. Because of my training requirement for adoption, I need to be adopted to a home within 1hr of the Twin Cities metro area. 

So, those are the really big things you need to know about me. These are my other qualities you should take into consideration before asking me out on a meet and greet:

Living with Cats- No kitties for me, thanks

Living with Dogs- Maybe, maybe not. Honestly, I'd probably be best as an only child. While I currently have a couple of canine foster siblings, I don't think any of them call me their BFF. We are very open and honest around this house and I’m told I’m ‘THAT friend’. You know the one. The one that you like spending time with, but only in small doses. They’re a lot to be around sometimes and you make sure you have a hard 6pm out when you go out. Me and my foster siblings spend lots of time together but separate. If they are loose in the house, I’m either in my puppy pen or on a leash with the people to help me learn good manners and not have opportunities to be rude. If you are looking at me as a potential companion for a current dog, you’re honestly better off with someone else. 

Dogs in Public- I’m indifferent to the existence of unknown dogs while out and about. I don’t care that they are breathing the same air as me, I'm not reactive towards them, but I’m also not interested in being their new friend. The times that a strange dog has been able to come running right up to me, I try and avoid them as much as I can. 

Living with Critters- As long as they have their own space and are contained, that should be fine. I live with a turtle. She has her house on the other side of the room and I can’t really see in anyways. She leaves me alone, I leave her alone. Nobody gets eaten. Free roaming bunny? House chickens? Probably not a great match up.

Living with Kids- Not interested. They’re cool from a distance. If they want to share part of their PB&J, I won’t turn my nose up at it, but I don't want to live with one of those things. Plus, I’d probably eat some of their toys. Nobody wants their favorite teddy bear to lose a leg. Or head… 

House or Apartment? - Living in a house would be best. I just don’t think I’m quite ready to pass by random people in a narrow hallway every day. Living situations that would require we encounter strangers head-on, in tight spaces, every time we go out for a walk would not be a great fit for me. If you live in a multi-unit building and have a private entrance, that may work out.

Fenced in Yard?- I like to have an open space to run and play in, but ARLP will not require that you have a fenced in yard to adopt me. I have jumped every baby gate I have come across though, including the ‘extra tall’ one, so keep that in mind. I am much better about this now and don't try to jump from room to room when I'm being contained inside by a gate. My current house has a 6ft privacy fence outside and I have not made any attempt to scale it. A shorter fence, or a chain link fence, might get me curious though. I may need to stay on a tie-out if your fence is shorter, otherwise I might take myself for a walk. 

Energy Level- I am a little higher energy and need some stimulation every day, but I can also just chill in bed with you on sick days if needed. I have a nice off switch. I don't bounce off the walls and I don’t need to be run until exhaustion every day. A 15 min walk, or eating a meal out of a puzzle toy, is enough for me to need a nap. My people say I’m a really nice walking buddy, their favorite dog in the house to take for a walk. I'm not super comfortable with crowded areas, like walking around the lake on a sunny, Saturday afternoon, but I love wandering around the neighborhood and exploring the open green spaces at the park. 

Slip me an adoption application if you are still interested, and we can continue getting to know each other. 

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