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Spays and Neuters for Pit Bulls and Rottweilers


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If you live in Minneapolis or St. Paul and would like to schedule an appointment for a spay or neuter for your pit bull or Rottweiler ONLY, email


Our Philosophy

Get Your Fix! aims to reduce the number of homeless and abandoned pets in our community by providing spays and neuters to pit bulls and Rottweilers. The overall goal is to reduce the number of pit bulls and Rottweilers in local animal controls that are euthanized due to pet overpopulation. We know that proactive spay/neuter programs are the only way to end pet overpopulation, especially the overpopulation of pit bulls.

Get Your Fix! targets neighborhoods with an abundance of needs - where resources and financial means are not often available to spay, neuter, vaccinate, and microchip pit bulls and Rottweilers. Get Your Fix! is not just about altering pit bulls and Rottweilers, but about being a resource for a community in need of help and an advocate for dogs who face long odds of surviving. ARLP appreciates the opportunity to be present in the community, to make a direct impact on the Rottweilers and pit bulls in the Twin Cities and to establish long-term connections with their owners.                            

Why should I spay or neuter my dog?

  • You want your dog to live a long and healthy life
  • You want to help reduce the pet overpopulation problem - every year a HUGE number of pit bulls are euthanized (put to sleep) or suffer as strays
  • Dogs that are spayed and neutered are easier to train, to control, and they maintain stable temperaments
  • Less mess - your spayed female will not go into heat 
  • Save money - puppies are expensive
  • No more escape artists - neutered males are less likely to escape a home or yard in search of a female.


Get Your Fix! Fairs 

In addition to providing spays and neuters throughout the year, during the summer months ARLP holds Get Your Fix! fairs, which provide additional services to Rottweilers and pit bulls:

  • Spays and neuters
  • DHPP and rabies vaccinations 
  • Microchips 
  • Free, sturdy collars or leashes (in exchange for handing in old, fraying leashes/collars or heavy chains). These high-quality collars and leashes reduce the number of runaways and strays that are picked up by Animal Control.
  • Advice and owner support


Your Support Makes Get Your Fix! Possible (How to Help)

Individual donations are the lifeblood of ARLP's Get Your Fix! efforts. If you are able to donate to this effort, please visit our Razoo page. Your $50 donation will provide one spay or neuter surgery, the equivalent to saving the lives of about 53 dogs that would otherwise be born in unwanted litters, but any level of contribution is deeply appreciated. To those who have already contributed: YOU are responsible for the success of this program, and we are so very grateful.

"I was looking for an apartment that I could live in with my pit bull, but the place that I found said that my dog had to be spayed before I could move in. The apartment manager gave me A Rotta Love Plus' information and I called them to get assistance with the surgery, because I couldn't afford it. ARLP set me up with an appointment and my dog and I will soon be moving into our new home!"    - Recent Get Your Fix! client

"You all do a wonderful thing. I love my pups and you made it possible for my pit bull to get spayed and live a healthier life. Thank you all for what you do."   - Pamela H., Get Your Fix! client

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