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Michelle Klatt -  Director

It’s all about the dogs. I do what I do for the dogs and I love what I do. I try each day to do my part to make up for the irresponsibility, the carelessness, the selfishness that some display towards dogs. Contrary to what some think, dogs are not things that can be thrown away or tossed aside. Every dog is profoundly special and many deserve much more than they are ever given.

To date I’ve had 25 fosters in my home. Each one has touched me in their own way and I feel grateful to have met and spent time with some very amazing dogs. I share my heart and my home with my own rescue dogs: Spencer my beagle boy, Nina my pit bull heart, Emmersyn my therapy pit bull, and Little Squish my bull dog/pit bull love. In our house, when it comes to dogs, we have two sayings that we use quite frequently: ‘Normal is overrated,’ and ‘Love all the way.’ Our dogs can make us laugh until we cry, and some days cry until we laugh. But we ‘love them all the way’ - we love in spite of quirks, in spite of imperfections, we love totally, completely and unconditionally. If you’re going to love a dog, what’s the point of loving any other way? I believe that some day, if we all work hard enough, every dog will find their forever home and their person to ‘love them all the way.’

Kellie - Who - 1.01.11

Kellie French - Director, PRIORITY Paws

My husband Tony and I were looking to adopt a dog in 2005, when we came upon the ARLP website and were hooked on this beautiful little brindle dog. We adopted her, named her Marri, and were so pleased with how great this rescue was in helping us with all of our many questions about first-time dog ownership! We were so impressed with everyone in the organization that Tony and I began to foster dogs. Then we began to really learn about Breed Specific Legislation and the many myths associated with pit bulls. I had no idea people out there could think my dog was vicious just because she is considered a pit bull. From my longtime work as a Guardian ad Litem who advocates for abused and neglected children in court, advocating for my beloved pet was just a natural step. I was able to blend my two passions and started and continue to direct the PRIORITY Paws program.

Sarah Lindquist - Director

I have loved animals all of my life, but it wasn’t until I volunteered at the City of Boston Animal Shelter that I developed a passion for pit bulls. So many of the dogs at the shelter were pits, and I developed a close bond with several while I was there. I knew that when it was time for me to have a dog again, I would have a pit bull. That was realized in 2005 when I moved back to Minnesota and adopted Rose from ARLP. She was my closest companion, changed many minds about the breed, and taught me about acceptance and unconditional love. Since then, we foster failed with another ARLP dog, Peanut, who has a chihuahua sister, Minnie Mouse. I worked in marketing for over 10 years but have moved on to a second career as a marriage and family therapist. I love doing marketing for ARLP because it allows me to continue to utilize my marketing skills and apply them to my passion of promoting ARLP, its programs, and our foster dogs!

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