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Rottweiler and pit bull rescue is at the core of ARLP’s mission.  Because the number of homeless dogs far outweighs the number of available, quality homes, we are delighted that you are considering adopting a dog from ARLP.

Finding permanent, top-notch homes for each of the dogs in our foster program is paramount to us.  Some of the main qualities that we look for in potential adopters include:

  • extensive breed research prior to making the decision to adopt a Rottweiler or pit bull
  • commitment to life-long training with your dog to make sure your new addition will be an ambassador for its breed
  • willingness to work with a breed-friendly home insurance agency
  • patience to ensure that the ideal match is made between your family and one of our program dogs

ARLP’s rescue process involves several steps.  When we have an available foster home, the first thing we do is work with local facilities, such as Minneapolis Animal Care & Control and St. Paul Animal Control, to choose dogs that we think will best embody the ideal traits of a pit bull or Rottweiler.  Before being pulled from the shelter facility, ARLP administers temperament tests to the dog to ensure that it is suitable for life in a home.  While in foster care, the dog is further evaluated and observed by its foster family, not to mention given lots of down time and TLC to help it adjust to its new life and expectations.  At this time, the foster family begins the dog’s training and starts to polish up its manners.  All ARLP dogs are kept in our foster program for at least a month before being listed on our website.

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