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The Rottweiler is a WORKING dog. American Pit Bull Terriers are just that...'tenacious terriers'. Terriers are compact, active and fearless. They need a job! Obedience training is a must with these breeds; both in the home and in an obedience class! Training your pit bull or Rottweiler at home isn't enough. They need to learn how to listen to you and respond to you even in the midst of distractions and all the wonderful things the world holds beyond your doors. Without proper training and socialization your new dog will make their own rules. These breeds have suffered enough bad press due to negligent and irresponsible people. It's our job as a responsible rescue and your job as a responsible owner to show the world differently.

When you get your new dog home, chances are they will not just settle right in. There are going to be issues you need to be prepared to deal with. Give them a chance to adjust to their new surroundings. We urge all adopters (and dogs coming into our program) to follow the Two Week Shutdown. Develop a set of rules your dog will live by. Always remember to be CONSISTENT, PATIENT & FAIR. Nothing in Life is Free. Practice NILF.

Above all else you need to form a relationship with your dog. Terri Arnold has some great articles that can be found here. Suzanne Clothier and Patricia McConnel are also must reads!

By actively working on your dog's obedience they will be a better companion and citizen. Presenting a well trained, well behaved pit bull or Rottweiler to the world proves to the general public that they ARE loyal and friendly companions.

And remember there are a lot of fun dog sports out there! Check out agility, flyball, tracking, carting, weight pulling, and herding. Obedience is a fundamental before beginning any of these sports.


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Looking for a training facility?

A Rotta love Plus offers a basic obedience and behavior primer program Rott n' Pit Ed. Classes are free to adopters for the life of their dog. Program dogs attend too! Rott n' Pit Ed is open to the public's pit bulls and Rottweilers, we do ask for a program donation.

Our volunteers have visited and/or trained at these metro training facilities. As always do your research. Visit any facility you are considering and meet with their trainers to ensure their methods are what you are looking for to meet your goals.

Wag n' Woofs
(952) 224-4491

Paws Abilities

(507) 624-0190

Hippie Dog

(612) 701-7217


(952) 913-3170 

A New Leash

Agile Canines
(612) 220-0663 

(651) 649-4451 •  info [ at ]