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Health and Well-being


  • Exercise your dog - Whether it's a daily walk or some hide and seek or a good game of tug inside, keep your dog active. Enjoy them while you have them and remember that exercise is good for them and YOU! If you have multiple dogs remember that they still need 1-on-1 time with you even if it's a short walk in the park.
  • Feeding - With all of the high quality kibble to choose from, there is something for every dog and dog owner at your pet stores. Whether your dog is high energy or in need of a low-fat diet ask questions and get the best for your canine companion. For your dog's health, we don't recommend free feeding (leaving kibble in the bowl) at all times. Schedule your feeding once or twice a day. Treats are fine provided your dog gets enough exercise to burn the excess calories off.
  • Weight Control - The problem with excess weight isn't just with people anymore. Dogs are packing on the pounds too and it's just not healthy. Animals are athletes and meant to be lean and fit. If you cannot feel your dog's ribs and see a waist line and tuck up by their belly then you are likely feeding a little too much and not getting your dog enough exercise. Fit dogs are happy dogs!
  • Safe at Home - Stray dogs at the pound are sad. Unfortunately, they are the lucky ones. The ones that get injured or killed on local roads and highways suffer most of all. Keep your dog at home. There are a variety of restraint systems from fencing to tie-outs to prevent a tragic accident involving your dog.
  • Mental Health - Mental health is just as important as physical health. Training and socialization go hand in hand for your dog. They like to have a job even if it's basic obedience or sitting politely for petting at the local park.

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