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A Rotta Love Plus is a proud member of the Minnesota Partnership for Animal Welfare.

FAQs about MnPAW

How did MnPAW start?
Leaders from Pet Haven of Minnesota and Animal Humane Society met in early 2009 to explore building a coalition of animal organizations to work toward a shared goal of reducing euthanasia rates in Minnesota. They believe that a core requirement for a successful coalition is working together in a positive, collaborative, respectful manner while focusing on common ground and shared goals. They had heard from other animal welfare leaders and recognized the need and the opportunity to engage a variety of participants to begin a conversation about the mission, values, and goals of an inclusive animal welfare coalition in Minnesota.

Who are the members of MnPAW?
Animal Allies Humane Society, Animal Humane Society, A Rotta Love Plus, Chuck and Don's Pet Food Outlet, Minneapolis Animal Control (*pending), Minnesota Spay/Neuter Project, Pet Haven Inc of Minnesota, RAGOM - Retrieve A Golden of Minnesota, Saint Paul Animal Control (*pending), Tri-County Humane Society.

*These are governmental agencies that must follow their Cities' process for committing to the coalition.  These organizations are active in MnPAW while going through that process.

How were members of MnPAW chosen?
Marilou Chanrasmi (President of Pet Haven) and Janelle Dixon (CEO/President of Animal Humane Society) jointly looked at organizations who had expressed a common interest in founding a coalition. The goal was to engage members that represented varying aspects and philosophies of animal welfare in Minnesota, including open admission, limited admission, advocacy and municipal; sheltered humane societies of varying sizes and foster based rescues of varying sizes; and geographic regions throughout the State of Minnesota.

Are there upcoming activities or programs sponsored by MnPAW?
MnPAW is focused on developing the structure and foundation of the coalition to adequately prepare to expand membership and implement initiatives.

It is in the process of planning a collaborative adoption event this summer. The date is TBD. As plans progress information will be posted on the website at and will be promoted by member organizations.

What are the requirements for participation?
All members of the coalition must commit to abide by a code of conduct. The expectations are as follows:

  • We agree with the mission of the coalition.
  • We believe collaboration is the key to success and that we can fulfill our mission by working together.
  • We are committed to making the coalition a positive force in the animal-helping community by focusing on the common ground, shared goals, and points of agreement among our members.
  • We will not publicly criticize the efforts of the coalition, the members of the coalition, or others in the animal-helping community.
  • We are committed to building a consensus with the full participation of all members and will strive to reach decisions all members can accept.
  • We support transparency in the coalition's governance, finances, policies, and programs.
  • We will share information regarding our own organization's activities as they relate to the coalition's mission and goals (such as intake, adoption, euthanasia, and spay/neuter numbers) so that the coalition's achievements can be measured.
  • We agree that the coalition needs to develop a formal governing structure and explore 501(c) 3 status by January 1, 2010. We further agree that until that structure is in place, or until a decision is made to the contrary, the CEO of the Animal Humane Society and the President of Pet Haven, Inc. of Minnesota shall be the only official spokespersons for the coalition.
  • We agree that consistency in participation is key to keeping the coalition's efforts focused and moving forward and will send the same representative(s) to each coalition meeting.

Can my organization join MnPAW?
MnPAW anticipates welcoming new members in the fall of 2009. It is in the process of developing guidelines and an application process for organizations who wish to be a partner in the coalition.  It anticipates two types of opportunities for members, Council Members and Rescue Network Members. There will be a limited number of Council Members who serve on a formal council that is responsible for decision making and planning for MnPAW. There will be an unlimited number of Rescue Network Member openings available.

Can an individual join MnPAW?
MnPAW is in the process of determining whether and how it could welcome individuals who are not affiliated with an organization.

How can I be involved?
Lend your voice in support of this effort and apply to join MnPAW in this important endeavor!

How can I stay in touch or remain informed about MnPAW's activities?
Please visit to keep abreast of information and developments. A form is available on the site for you to fill out indicating interest so that the coalition can contact you when it is in a position to move forward with new members and initiatives.

(651) 649-4451 •  info [ at ]