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Criteria for A Rotta Love Plus Dogs

When A Rotta Love Plus has an opening for a new dog in one of our foster homes, we use certain criteria to guide our selection and make sure we choose a dog that will be great a representative of our beloved breeds.  Here is a good example of the kind of things we look for in a rescue dog.

While you can be sure that ARLP does our darndest to pick dogs that will be super-star breed ambassadors, the dogs in our program are likely not perfect.  Many of the dogs that we bring into our program have had little experience living in a household, so it’s little wonder that they need a benevolent leader like you to show ‘em the ropes.  The time they spend in foster care gives the dogs a one-way ticket to Good Mannersville, but we ask that the dogs’ forever homes commit to taking them the rest of the way on their journey.  Fortunately, when you adopt a dog from ARLP we provide you FREE training classes for the life of your dog!

The real pit bull temperament can be summed up with these words:George Look For

  • Seeks out human interaction
  • Responsive, biddable, good natured and eager to please
  • May be genetically predisposed to aggression towards other dogs or animals but is able to be calm in the presence of other dogs on leash or - if initially leash reactive - can learn how to tolerate their presence
  • Appropriately submissive
  • Well balanced and optimistic
  • Enjoys handling
  • Presents good eye contact
  • Willing to connect with handler during high arousal; can be handled safely even in times of high arousal; drops arousal levels quickly when removed from a stressful situation
  • Social with people of all types
  • Never aggressive towards humans



The real Rottweiler temperament can be summed up with these words:Klaus Look For

  • Calm
  • Confident and self-assured
  • Courageous and adaptable
  • Responds quietly to surrounding environment
  • “Wait and see” attitude – Rotties are like chameleons; you can usually find a Rottie quietly observing, and analyzing different situations he encounters, then acting accordingly.  A Rottie can change his temperament depending on what the situation calls for
  • Natural clown


ARLP will never knowingly place a dog that demonstrates human aggression or over-the-top dog aggression.

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