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Dog Sponsorship Program

Web Image: Dennis - SponsorWe know that there are people who are unable to foster a dog in their home, but who would still like to help with rescue. For this reason we offer our Dog Sponsorship Program.

This program subsidizes the amount that it costs ARLP to intake each dog. Our monthly sponsorship amount is $35. This helps to cover the cost of food and training for the sponsored program dog.
There are two sponsorship options: 1) a one-time sponsor donation or 2) a recurring monthly sponsorship until the sponsored dog is adopted (you specify for how many months you would like to donate).
Please know that all your contributions will go to help your sponsored dog and that each sponsorship gift is tax deductible!

How to sponsor an ARLP program dog:

1. Choose the dog that you would like to sponsor by browsing through our Available Dogs page.
2. Click on "Sponsor This Pet"
3. Make your donation online.

Frequently asked questions:

Web Image: Pearla_Toy_Sponsorshi[What if I prefer to donate items rather than money?

ARLP has created an Amazon wish list to make this easy for those of you interested in donating items rather than money. When you purchase something off of our wish list it is automatically sent straight to us. You can find our wish list here.
Can I sponsor more than one dog?
Can more than one person sponsor a specific dog?
Yes. Because it costs ARLP more than $35 each month for each program dog, the sponsorship is actually more of a subsidy for each dog.
Can I set up a monthly sponsorship?
Yes! In the event that you choose to be a monthly sponsor and your specific dog is adopted, you are always encouraged to have your monthly donation transfer over to the care of a current program dog. Sponsorship will end naturally in the event transfer is not initiated by the sponsor.

  • Sponsorship of any dog does not impact the adoption process in any way.
  • Applications from sponsors will be reviewed in the same fashion as all other applications with no preference given to those submitted by sponsors.
  • Sponsoring a program dog will assist in upholding the high quality of living for our dogs while in foster care and all funds will be allocated specifically for the designated dog.
  • ARLP has the final word on which homes are selected for adoption. Sponsorship of a program dog does not incure the right to participate in the selection of the forever home for a program dog.
  • ARLP shall have discretion to disperse the funds for the care of the specified dog, such care to include but not be limited to veterinary, food, supplies, and other expenses. Sponsors may end their sponsorships at any time upon notice to ARLP.
  • Sponsorships shall end naturally upon the sponsored dog leaving the ARLP program. Transfer of sponsorship from one dog to another is permitted with notification of intent to transfer sponsorship.


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